Capital Technology Introduces New Home Brand: True & Tidy

Released: August 1, 2016
Capital Technology, Inc. introduced it’s newest brand of housewares and home gadgets, True & Tidy. This new brand is dedicated to providing innovative consumer products that make everyday living better and more beautiful. The True and Tidy approach for every new product begins with the question “how does this make life easier, simpler, and more beautiful”. The result is not only pretty home appliances, but smart & thoughtful gadgets. The first True & Tidy product is an innovative Roll-Up Drying Rack which allows you to dry your dishes, kitchen gadgets and veggies over your sink. Made from silicone-coated steel, this unique drying rack rolls out to fit neatly over your stand sized kitchen sink so that water drips in to the sink, not all over your counter. This True & Tidy Roll Up Drying Rack can also be used as a trivet, colander, and prep station! True & Tidy plans to launch several new home products this year. True & Tidy is exclusively owned and distributed by Capital Technology, Inc. For more information about this brand and or our Roll-Up Drying Rack, please contact us.

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